Filippo Rossi – FRAGMENTS 6

Filippo Rossi – FRAGMENTS 6

Rossi Filippo

  • Técnica: Técnica mixta
  • Dimensiones: 200 x 120

  • Certificato: Autenticidad
  • Código producto:FROS003

Visualizaciones: 544


Acylic,gold leaf and bitumen on extruded polystirene. 

The work represents elements like irregular tesserae of a mosaic that can be compared both to the fragments of ancient floors of our civilization, and to fragments of our interiority. On these pieces so desolate and white, however, emerge one or more colored pieces and gold that make the painting fascinating and worthy of being explored as in a vision from above.

The feature of the work is that of being a sort of three-dimensional mosaic that makes the whole sculptural very similar to vertical stone pavements.

The work was exhibited and published for the first time at the headquarters of the Tuscany Region and subsequently in the relative catalogs of many other events and events.


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